BMW cars rental easily BMW without tons of paperwork No need to substantiate the work contract or residence certificate


BMW cars rental easily.
BMW without tons of paperwork.
No need to substantiate the work contract or residence certificate.

We know that finding budget for a car can be a tough nut to crack. Especially for someone who is not
a Czech native and has to deal with complicated bureaucracy.

In Renocar, we have decided to blaze a trail in this field. That's why we can assure you that overwhelming paperwork is no longer your trouble.

We have prepared BMW cars for you that are available on a short-term lease: up to 4 months with
a maximum mileage of 5 500 km.





BMW 1: daily: 232 CZK 
6 969 CZK + VAT (petrol engine version 116i) month with mileage of 1 375 km 

BMW X1: daily: 299 CZK
8999 CZK + VAT (petrol engine version 18i) month with mileage of 1 375 km 

daily: 326 CZK 
9 799 CZK + VAT (diesel engine version 18d) month with mileage of 1 375 km 

BMW 5: daily: 583 CZK
17 500 CZK + VAT (diesel engine version 520d) month with mileage of 1 375 km


The lease price depends on the mileage, i.e. the tariff is calculated for a month or the mileage rate (km).
An aliquot sum will be added to the price if the mileage is higher than the set limit of 1 375 km/month. For example, if you drive a BMW X1 18i model (8 999 CZK/month) for 2 375 km in a month (1 000 km more than the assumed mileage) you will pay 8 999 CZK + 6 545 CZK (counted as a price for 1 km multiplied by 1 000: 8 999/1 375 * 1 000).



With no need of complicated paperwork/. Only few documents are required for proceeding: a passport,
a driving license, and a work contract for a period longer than the length of the lease.

No need for a residency document.

Paying the rental money a month in advance, i.e. the basic tariff plus a potential over-limit mileage cost.

Regular car check-ups per month.

Lease of minimum 1 month.


Unquestionably, it cannot get any simpler.

Contact us regarding a car rental. We will be pleased to explain everything to you and find such solution that will be best for your mobility.

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